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with Jamie


Most of us know that we need to be more fit, lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, etc. but we find that it is extremely difficult to make these important changes. We might begin a fitness program or go on a diet but we don’t seem to be able to sustain these lifestyle changes on our own. The knowledge and information about being healthy is all around us, yet achieving good health is much easier said than done.

 Identify and live out your personal values.

A Wellness Coach will work with you to prioritize what matters most, set goals based on your personal values and help you to follow through. They won’t tell you what to do, but rather ask you where you want to go with your wellness, why it matters to you and how you want to get there. Together, you and your coach identify your motivators and obstacles as you create your wellness vision for the future. 

Embrace a healthy lifestyle.

The main focus of Wellness Coaching is to concentrate on your strengths and build on them to help you realize your goals. A good coach helps you build confidence in your ability to make changes to embrace a healthy lifestyle and create new, healthy habits and lifestyle choices on your own. A close relationship and partnership with a coach provides structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration. This enables you to learn, grow, and develop beyond what you can do alone.

Reach your wellness goals.
From both a personal and professional perspective, I am convinced of the effectiveness of wellness coaching. After 25 years in the fitness industry, and a fellow struggler with weight... the stories prove time and time again that if an individual is ready to change,
wellness coaching is the tool that works.
- Jamie




Ready to stop dieting? 

"Wellness coaching is a growing field of healthcare in which coaches 

help people claim control of their lives by empowering them to make 

their own choices."

Reaching my goals, Autumn Leaf Wellness

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