Autumn Leaf Wellness

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Autumn Leaf Wellness


Autumn Leaf Wellness is about freedom. Freedom found by knowing what we value most and having a clear plan for keeping those priorities in order.  A wellness vision. 

Healthy living is a passion of mine, to be sure. I've studied it, taught it, trained people in it, lived it, loved it, struggled with it... for over 30 years.  But it is the battle with my own body - reflecting the true battle in my heart with self-acceptance, perfectionism, expectations, obedience - that has driven my desire to help women become free. Knowing God in my life and keeping Him as my highest value has proven the stabilizing factor.

During my years of working in gyms, I would often yearn to 'go deeper' with clients, knowing that they were not getting to the root of the issues. When I later took a personality assessment determining my strengths, I knew I had to start coaching... individualization, futuristic, strategic, relator, empathy, developer. All qualities driving my passion to come alongside women, helping them grow and work towards their goals. 

Wellness coaching is about igniting passions, building confidence, conquering challenges, finding freedom and achieving goals. I am a Wellness Coach.  

This is what I do.


Autumn Leaf Wellness helps women discover their personal strategy 

for achieving their wellness goals and sustaining a healthy lifestyle,

 through the unique and powerful 

relationship of wellness coaching.


licensed wellness coach

national board certified health coach

certified health and weight loss coach

certified in 'Exercise is Medicine'

certified personal trainer

degree in Exercise Science

founder of UnDivided

pastor's wife and mom


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